Power Adapters & Converters

Travelling througout Israel, Most of Europe, and River Cruise Ships

Guests travelling throughout Israel, most of Europe, or on river cruise ships should be fine using a Type C European two pin power adapter (suggested kit) for devices that can handle high voltage electricty. Most cell phone, laptop, and other battery chargers can handle the higher electrical current, but you should refer to your device's manual to be sure.

Hair curlers, hair straighteners, hair blow dryers and other devices that cannot handle a higher electrical current will need a power converter (suggested converter) and should only be used with a converter. Using only an adapter will cause damage to your device. In addition, most hotels have hair dryers, so we recommend leaving these at home.

Ocean Going Cruise Ships

Ocean going cruise ships (Royal Caribbean, Azamara, Celebrity, and Norwegian) handle standard american power plugs. There is no need to bring adapters or converters. In addition, we recommend leaving power strips at home. Most cruise lines will confiscate power strips brought on board as they can present safety issues.

Other Countries and Additional Information

You should check each device to know for sure what type of currency it can handle and confirm what type of plug you will need per country you will visit. For more information on power adapters, converters, and sockets, please refer to the EIC list by country.

Power adapters and converters can easily be found on Amazon.