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Why Lead a Group?

Christian Travel — a surprisingly simple addition to your dynamic, authentic ministry.

When Educational Opportunities began in 1974, our goal was to enrich the ministry and lives of those who preach and those who teach. We offer educational Christian travel at affordable cost. In addition, we offer clergy scholarships on a variety of travel programs.

What Makes Christian Travel a Ministry?

Christian Travel is a Spiritual Retreat which Enriches Spiritual Life, Enriches Individual Lives, Increases Biblical Knowledge and Develops Christian Fellowship

Why You Should Lead a Group?

  • Renew Your Own Spirit
  • Develop Deep Interpersonal Bonds
  • Educate Church Teachers
  • Build Church Leaders
  • Be the Spiritual Leader

Four Powerful Benefits of Bible Land Travel for Clergy:

  • Deliver powerful sermons based on knowledge and images from the Bible Lands and Europe
  • Understand the location of Biblical events and how the geography of the land impacted those events
  • Rediscover the excitement of learning about the Bible, the kind of excitement you may not have experienced since seminary
  • Enrich the lives of your church members as you rediscover the importance of being their Spiritual Leader

How Your Ministry will be Enhanced by Christian Travel…

Educational Value

  • Increase Biblical Literacy: Your church members will learn more and recall more about the scriptures because they have seen the land. They will be better teachers because they have experienced the Land of the Bible, come face to face with the central personalities of the Bible and learned first-hand about Paul and the problems of the early church.

  • Rediscover Your Roots & Heritage: The journey will provide a better understanding of your tradition and background. You and your church members will gain an appreciation for the dedication and sacrifice of the founder’s of your faith and their contribution to society.

  • Better Understanding of the Contemporary Situation: The journey will open your mind to new insights into the political, social and economic situation of each area you’re visiting.

Spiritual Value

  • Revive Spiritual Awareness: The journey will awaken the spiritual dimension of your church members’ faith in a way no other experience can! Prayer life will be enriched, as will one’s personal understanding of Christ.

  • Create Deep and Lasting Christian Bonds: Church members who travel together will be connected by a shared spiritual experience, deepening the Christian bonds which they already share with each other and you.

Personal Value

  • Enhance Life: The journey will open new horizons and provide a lifetime of memories for the church members who travel. It can also meet the emotional needs of various members of your congregation, such as those who need to connect with others, are struggling with marriage issues, are questioning vocational choices, or need comfort after the loss of a loved one.

Now Value

  • Develop Current and Future Church Leaders: 1)The journey will help strengthen your current church leaders and develop new leaders for tomorrow. 2) Each traveler should be asked to take on new responsibilities in the church after the journey. 3) Those who were hesitant to lead a study group will now feel empowered. 4) Young people may be encouraged to consider ministry as a vocation.

Twenty Two Reasons to Lead a Group

  • Biblical Education
  • Spiritual Restoration
  • Church Loyalty
  • Teaching
  • Preaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Missions
  • Evangelism
  • Denominational Heritage
  • Lasting Fellowship
  • Reaching Those in Need

Read the Full List…

Interested in learning more about becoming a group leader/host? Call 800-247-0017 and select option 4.

Information on Becoming a Host

22 reasons clergy and strong lay leaders should lead a christian travel group with Educational Opportunities:

  1. Lead your church members to a Closer Relations with God
  2. Help Increase Biblical Knowledge
  3. Increase Church Involvement when members return home
  4. Educate Church Teachers
  5. Build Church Leadership
  6. Provide an opportunity for an Intense Spiritual Retreat
  7. Increase church member's Confidence to Share the Gospel Story with others
  8. Provide an Intense Christian Education Experience
  9. Provide Relationship Recovery for struggling marriages and parent/child
  10. Provide an opportunity for Spiritual Restoration and Revitalization
  11. Develop Deep Christian Bonds among fellow travelers
  12. Increase Bible Study by your church members
  13. Connect with your Church Members through a unique shared experience
  14. Reach the spiritually disconnected through "experiential ministry"
  15. Enrich Individual Lives with a once-in-a-lifetime Christian experience
  16. Develop a more Christ-like understanding of other religions
  17. Develop a more Christ-like understanding of other cultures
  18. Provide an opportunity for church members to be a representative for Christ in a foreign land
  19. Christian Travel is a Resource for your Preaching and Teaching
  20. Christian Travel will help you Develop Deep Interpersonal Bonds with Church Members
  21. Christian Travel will Renew Your Own Spirit
  22. Be the Spiritual Leader during a spiritually renewing experience

Interested in learning more about becoming a group leader/host? Call 800-247-0017 and select option 4.

Share the Ministry and Earn $500!

Share the ministry with a fellow clergyman/church leader and they will receive the benefits Christian travel and you will receive $500 in your tour host account.

2 Ways to Share

  • 1 — Co-Host a Trip

    Inviting someone to co-lead a group with you is a great way to share the ministry (fill a bus and there are many additional benefits).

  • 2 — Refer a Friend

    Let them know what Christian travel has done for your church and ministry.

Earn $500 in travel bucks when you sign up a friend who has never traveled with Educational Opportunities as a host. This bonus is on top of your normal host benefits. Your friend must recruit a group of 5 or more passenger on a program having a retail price of $1500 or higher. Every time your friend brings a group of 5 in the first 5 years, you will receive an additional $500 travel bonus.

NOTES: "New to EO" means never traveled with EO as a host. No reciprocal, chain or post-booked referrals allowed. Bonus is added to your Tour Host Bank Account after the group departs. *Qualified Program = retail price of $1500 or higher. *Not combinable with other special offers. *Does not apply to cruises that depart from the U.S. and Canada. *$500 travel bonus can only be used on EOT travel programs.

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Interested in learning more about becoming a group leader/host? Call 800-247-0017 and select option 4.