EO Explorer Points Terms of Use

  1. EO Explorer Perks points are awarded for each whole dollar amount paid on applicable travel reservations. EO Explorer Perks points are calculated at completion of travel for each travel reservation and are subject to verification. EO Explorer Perks points are awarded for each whole dollar amount paid on a travel reservation. EO Explorer Perks points are only awarded for money spent with EO after deduction, discounts and/or credits and made to EO before traveling. EO Explorer Perks points are not awarded for charges for incidentals incurred while traveling, such as but not limited to tips, beverages, shopping, etc.
  2. Each calendar year you may earn a maximum of five hundred thousand (500,000) EO Explorer Perks points on qualified travel reservations traveling from January 1st thru December 31st.
  3. EO Explorer Perks points accumulate for a maximum of five (5) years from when they are first posted on the account (posting date is at completion of travel). This means that over the course of five (5) years, you may accumulate and redeem a maximum of two million five hundred thousand (2,500,000) points.
  4. Unused Explorer Perks points will expire five years from the day they are earned.
  5. Upgrades, Discounts, 2 for 1 Travel promotions, and EO Explorer Perks may be capacity-controlled and are subject to availability. All other savings and EO Explorer Perks per reservation, regardless of length of stay are only valid on select inventory, unless otherwise noted. Not all travel will be eligible for use of EO Explorer Perks points.
  6. EO Explorer Perks points do not equate to exact dollar amounts. Calculation of the EO Explorer Perks point values will be consistent with base fares applicable for travel as offered by EO. If cost exceeds the redemption value, the client must pay the difference.
  7. One EO Explorer Perks point will be provided for every dollar spent after discounts and credits and paid to EO before travel.
  8. EO Explorer Perks points cannot be used retroactively nor to pay the cost of initial reservation–related deposit. EO Explorer Perks points are applied to travel reservation at final payment.
  9. All redemption options are not always available on every reservation, sailing, and/or category. The minimum redemption amount is 5,000 points.
  10. All EO Explorer Perks points redeemed that have been applied to a reservation is forfeited if the associated reservation is subsequently cancelled without the purchase of Travel Protection.
  11. Any travel is subject to the terms & conditions of the applicable travel.
  12. EO Explorer Perks points are considered fully redeemed and used once they have been applied to a travel reservation. There are no exchanges or refunds on no-shows or cancelled portions of travel arrangements obtained or used with EO Explorer Perks points redemption. Reservation changes may be subject to fees and/or rate increases and may not be paid with EO Explorer Perks points and/or the original value of EO Explorer Perks points. Earning and redemption of EO Explorer Perks points are subject to all applicable laws and regulations.
  13. EO Explorer Perks points cannot be transferred from one program account to another without the express written consent of EO. Points may not be sold. EO Explorer Perks points are not your property and exist at the sole discretion of EO as part of the EO Explorer Perks program. Points cannot be purchased or redeemed for cash.
  14. EO Explorer Perks Program including but not limited to, rules, terms, regulations, EO Explorer Perks points, and redemption items may be terminated or changed at any time without notice.
  15. By joining the EO Explorer Perks program, you choose to provide us with your information and agree to update it from time to time so that it remains accurate. When you participate in the EO Explorer Perks program you authorize us to collect information about your travel history and interest. You authorize us to use your information for marketing and communication purposes including quarterly email communications.
  16. Inquiries for any errors and/or inaccuracies you believe have occurred in your EO Explorer Perks points account can be submitted in writing for review. Reconciliation of any claims is at the sole discretion of EO.
  17. The use of travel protection is highly recommended. If EO Explorer Perks are used in conjunction with an EO Group Tour that has purchased Travel Protection, points may be reinstated within the guidelines of the Trip Mate Travel Protection Plan. For all other travel reservations that are not an EO Group Tour, guest will follow the guidelines of the Travel Protection they have purchased with their travel arrangements. EO Explorer Perks cannot be used to cover Travel Protection premiums and/or cost.
  18. General Terms & Conditions
    Educational Opportunities Tours, Inc. has the right to terminate the Explorer Perks Program or to change the Terms and Conditions of participation and benefits, in whole or in part; at any time without notice. Membership may be terminated at our sole discretion for anyone appearing to be utilizing the Program in a manner inconsistent with its terms, conditions, or intent. To qualify as an Explorer Perks member, you must have traveled with Educational Opportunities Tours, Inc. Explorer Perks points will be accrued at the end of travel for each reservation. Explorer Perk Points are awarded to the guest’s name that is entered into the reservation at the time of booking and completes the travel. All questions or disputes regarding the eligibility for the Program or provision of benefits will be resolved by Educational Opportunities Tours, Inc. at its sole discretion. Each Explorer Perks member shall be responsible for advising of any address changes, and we shall have no liability for misdirected mail, or any consequences thereof. Other terms and conditions apply. Program void where prohibited by law.