James Ridgway

President and CEO

Tim Brown

Corporate Vice President and CFO

Joanne Howard

Corporate Vice President Information Systems and Technology

Dr. Jim Ridgway, Sr.

EO Founder | 1932-2014

Sales & Development

Tom Smith

Executive Director of Travel Ministry

Mark Yeh

Director of Marketing and Sales Development

Jamie Armstrong

Area Director of Travel Ministry

Diana Phillips

Area Director of Travel Ministry

Armand Drapiza

Sales Support Assistant

Specialty Tours

Mark Boston

Director of Speciality Tours

Alyssa Harrell

EOX Manager


Gordon Moody

Director of Missions

Jenny Harris

Missions Airline Specialist

Spanish Division EO en EspaƱol

Sam Pagan

Director of Hispanic Ministries

Dr. Samuel Pagan

Dean of Hispanic Programs

Tour Host Advisor & Guest Advocate Department

Camille Bailey

Director of Guest & Tour Host Services

Amanda McAbee

Guest Advocate Team Manager

Garrett Waldron

Resolution Support Specialist

Hope Ellsworth

Tour Host Advisor

Jessica Drapiza

Travel Host Advisor

Rebecca Reynolds

Tour Host Advisor

Claudia Shultz

Tour Host Advisor

Leti Guzman

Bi-lingual Guest Advocate

Janet Bowers

Guest Advocate

Heather Byers

Guest Advocate

Nely Carrasquillo

Guest Advocate

Taylor Clark

Guest Advocate

Liz Dyer

Guest Advocate

Stephen Galarza

Guest Advocate

Cruise & Leisure Travel

Amy Kroslak

Director of Cruises & Leisure Travel Services

Kali Watters

Cruise & Leisure Travel Coordinator

Georgiana Timofte

Hospitality & Ground Operations

Marcus Hall

Cruise Operations Specialist

Rosie Romero

Cruise Operations Specialist


Shawn Reynolds

Director of Accounting

Paula King

Host and DTM Crediting Manager

Josh Brown


Kim Barber

Accounting Clerk

Air Department

Paul Brown

Director of Air Operations

Joiris Santiago-Guzman

Personalized Services Manager

Lindsay Archer

Air Ticketing Specialist

Cherry Karamargin

Air Ticketing Clerk

Creative Services

Ryan Choate

Creative Services Director

Keith Barber

Printing & Shipping Manager

Shelby Camp

Video Production Manager

Sheri Fox

Production and Design Manager

Manny Diaz

Graphic/Production Artist

Amarilis Vazquez

Graphic/Production Artist

Christina Patton

Quality Control

Chris Tomlinson

Quality Control

Brianna McKinney

Video Production Specialist

Shari Moulton

Web Content Specialist

Ben Choate

Printing & Shipping Assistant

Josiah Ellsworth

Printing & Shipping Assistant

Asher McMahan

Printing & Shipping Assistant

Ground Logistics

Ashley Weidman

Director of Ground Logistics

Jon Ellsworth

Director of Tour Administration Services

Sherrill Johnston

Hospitality Coordinator

Salma Musleh

On-Ground Operations

Ioannis Alexakis

Ground Logistics

Sevana Kharmandarian

Ground Logistics

Maryna Novikova

Ground Logistics

Maria Stavridis

Ground Logistics

Information Systems

Jay Weidman

Senior Programmer