You can read through our Holy Land FAQs below or choose a different option in the dropdown box to learn about another location.


  • Our group flights are made with regularly scheduled air using such airlines as Delta, Lufthansa, El Al, United, Royal Jordanian, etc. 

  • Not all groups fly together due to itineraries, touring and size of group.  All groups will ultimately meet at the first hotel 

  • If you intend on flying with your group, you will not be able to choose the airline used. 

  • You may make your own air arrangements and just purchase the ground portion of the tour with us.  Check with our office for details. 

  • You may make your own domestic flight arrangements to meet your group at the international departure city.  Be sure to purchase tickets that allow changes without penalty.  Not all international flights go through New York.


  • All flight times are subject to change without notice– always re-confirm your flight times with the airline (We are not responsible for expenses incurred as a result of changes and/or delays). 

  • Flight details are generally available 30 days prior to your departure. 

  • A flight ‘letter’ with all your flight details will be with your Final Documents 2 – 3 weeks prior to your departure. 

  • Keep receipt(s) of expenses related to delays or changes for possible reimbursement through your Travel Protection Policy  (if purchased) when you return. 

  • Arrive for your flight 2 to 3 hours prior to departure or as suggested by the departing airport. 

  • Report missed or cancelled flights to our office immediately – relay information concerning alternate flight information given to you by the airline.  Our emergency line operates 24/7.

  • Seating has been completed by the airline – if you change your seating or make any other adjustments, please be aware that control of your ticket will no longer be with the company, but with the airline itself. 

  • Always verify with airline your special request meal preference.


  • Make sure you are wearing your name badge -this aids in identifying you with your group!  
  • Go through customs and passport control then collect your luggage. 
  • If you have missing or damaged luggage, fill out paperwork with the airline before leaving the baggage claim area.  
  • Exit baggage claim area, watch for “EO” signs – guides will remain in the area to locate guests  
  • Follow guide instructions for transferring to the bus and loading luggage.


Our deluxe touring buses are air-conditioned/heated

  • Buses have/does not have bathrooms
  • Buses are locked while you are touring - You may leave items on the bus during the touring day – but never items of value or perishable.  Take all personal items with you at the end of each touring day.
  • Water is sold on the bus for a nominal fee.


  • If you need to cancel, call our office immediately.
  • Follow up the phone cancellation in writing.
  • Refer to brochure regarding cancellation penalties.
  • If applicable (you have accepted and paid separately for the travel protection premium), contact Travel Protection Company (Travel Insurance) to file a claim.


Staying connected while traveling is half the fun – sharing touring stories or just ‘checking in” with family and friends.  Cell phones are an excellent source for staying connected.  But there are a few things you must check on with your cell phone provider before you travel.  Here are some items you will want to check on

  • Confirm that your cell phone can be used internationally
  • Check on international rates (Note all countries being visited)
  • Inquire about activating and deactivating process.

Keep in mind other technology and apps that may be available to you such as Skype, FaceTime, Viper, iMessage, WhatsApp


  • Layer your clothing and keep it loose-fitting and casual.  No ‘dress up’ events are scheduled.
  • Comfortable walking shoes are a must.
  • Some religious/Holy sights require your knees & shoulders be covered (applies to both men & women.
  • A sweater or light jacket is recommended.
  • Suggested packing list.  (add packing list link)

Country Snapshot for Israel

**Based on US/Canadian Citizens

**Passport Needed?      yes

**Visa Needed?             no

Shots & Vaccines:      CDC Website

Time Zone:  7 hrs. ahead of US Eastern Time Zone

Currency:    New Israel Shekel (NIS) or shekel for short    

   (US Currency readily taken.  No need to exchange dollars to shekels)

Electric (voltage):  220 volts  (electric converter/adaptor necessary)

Language:  Hebrew, Arabic, English

Climate:  Generally temperate

Economy:  Technologically advanced free market , Tourism

Government: Parliamentary Democracy 

Religion(s):  Jewish, Muslim, Christian


Your overseas destination has a different electrical current (220V) and outlets  Therefore, you will want to consider your electrical converter/adapter options in order to protect your devices.

  • converter is needed when you need to change the voltage in a foreign country (220V-240V) to match the voltage in your device (typically 110V). 
  • An adapter simply ‘adapts’ the shape of your plug to fit the different-shaped wall sockets in foreign countries.  It does NOT change the electrical voltage!
  • Many modern travel gadgets are already dual-voltage and require just an adapter.  Most smartphones and tablets fit into this category.  If your device is already dual-voltage, using a converter can damage your device.  Always verify the manufacturers recommendations for your device!
  • Purchase your converter/adapter before you travel, otherwise, it may be difficult to find one that is designed to convert your voltage & plug to a foreign voltage & plug.
  • Converters/adapters are easily found at stores, pharmacies or online.
  • More information:  Electrical Devices


  • Prepaid gratuities are covered for the hotel staff (porters, dining, housekeeping, front desk) 

  • Additional tipping is appropriate for additional or special services requested from the hotel staff. 

  • Tips are appropriate when eating out. 

  • Tips are appreciated when using certain restrooms (Your guide will let you know when this is expected.). 

  • Voluntary Love Offerings for your guide and driver will be collected towards the end of your trip.  Suggested Amounts for Love Offerings – Guide-$6 per person, per day; Driver-$3 per person, per day.