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Holy Land Journey with Dr. Jonathan McPherson, Jr | June 16, 2024

11 days
The Holy Land
Starting from $4998* Taxes & Fees Apply

Join Dr. Jonathan McPherson, Jr. on a Holy Land journey starting at $4,998 from New York on June 16, 2024. You will see the Galilee area, Cana, Nazareth, Tel Megiddo, Mount Tabor, Mount Carmel, Caesarea, Jericho, the Dead Sea, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, the Old City, Masada, Lachish, and much more!

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What’s Included

  • All Inclusive Pricing
  • Breakfast and Dinner Daily
  • Deluxe A/C Motor Coaches
  • Entrance and Program Fees
  • First Class Hotels
  • Fuel Surcharges and Gov't Taxes
  • Guided Tours
  • Hotel Gratuities
  • International Airfare from NY
  • Administrative Fee

^ Additional Baggage & Optional fees may apply.

Daily Itinerary

Day 1 June 16 - USA to the Holy Land

Your pilgrimage begins as you depart the USA on an overnight flight.

Day 2 June 17 - Welcome to the Holy Land

You will be welcomed at the Tel Aviv airport by our representative and transferred to your hotel to enjoy dinner before retiring for the night. Time permitting, visit the port city of Joppa on your way to Tiberias.

Day 3 June 18 - The Galilee

Worship as you sail across the Sea of Galilee. Visit Capernaum, the center of Jesus’ ministry in Galilee, and visit the synagogue built on the site where Jesus taught (Matthew 4:13, 23). On the Mount of Beatitudes, contemplate the “Sermon on the Mount” (Matthew 5-7). Explore the Church of the Loaves and Fish at Tabgha, the traditional site of the feeding of the 5,000 (Luke 9:10-17). See the Chapel of the Primacy, where Peter professed his devotion three times to the risen Christ (John 21). Travel to Mount Arbel and walk along its peak for a stunning view of the Sea of Galilee and the area where Jesus ministered, with extended views of Mount Hermon in the north and Mount Tabor in the south. Recall Jesus’ baptism by John the Baptist at the Jordan River.

Day 4 June 19 - Cana, Nazareth, Tel Megiddo & Mount Tabor

Visit the Franciscan Wedding Chapel in Cana, the site of Jesus’ first miracle. Continue to Nazareth, Jesus’ boyhood home (Matthew 2:23), and Mount Precipice, where an angry crowd from the synagogue attempted to throw Jesus off a cliff (Luke 5:28-30). Look out over Tel Megiddo (Armageddon) to view one of the most important archaeological sites in Israel. Ascend Mount Tabor, where Jesus was transfigured before Peter, James, and John (Matt. 17:2).

Day 5 June 20 - Mount Carmel & Caesarea

Journey to the top of Mount Carmel, where Elijah prayed down the fire from heaven and defeated the 450 prophets of Baal (I Kings 18). Today’s last stop is Caesarea, a center of the early Christians where an angel visited Cornelius, the first Gentile believer (Acts 10), and where Paul was imprisoned for two years before appealing to Caesar.

Day 6 June 21 - Jericho, Dead Sea & Bethlehem

As you stop in Jericho to view the ruins of the city conquered by Joshua (Joshua 6:1, 2, 20), in the distance, you can also see the traditional site of the Temptation of Jesus (Matthew 4:1-11). End your day with a dip in the salt and mineral-laden waters of the Dead Sea. In Bethlehem, visit the cave revered as Jesus’ birthplace and see the Church of the Nativity constructed over the site (Matthew 1:18-25). Gaze out over Shepherds’ Field before continuing to Jerusalem.

Day 7 June 22 - Jerusalem

Continue to Mount Zion to visit the House of the High Priest Caiaphas, where Jesus was questioned on the night of His betrayal (Matthew 26:57). Meditate on the events of the Last Supper as you visit the traditional location of the Upper Room (Mark 14:12-26). Spend time in the Hinnom Valley, where sacrifices occurred by the Kings of Judah. After lunch, wander through the excavations of the City of David. Explore Hezekiah’s Tunnel, an amazing engineering feat that was dug from either end and met in the middle! (Note: Those who are claustrophobic may want to meet the group at the other end of the tunnel!). Visit the Pool of Siloam, recently uncovered at the foot of the city.

Day 8 June 23 - Jerusalem & the Old City

Begin your day walking the Temple Mount (conditions permitting) once the site of the Temple of Solomon (II Chronicles 3) is home to the Dome of the Rock. Continue to the Mount of Olives, where Jesus ascended into heaven (Acts 1:9-12). Walk the Palm Sunday Road, pray in the Garden of Gethsemane, and envision the scenes of the night before Jesus’ crucifixion (Matthew 26:36 - 44). Explore the poignant exhibits of Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust Memorial.

Day 9 June 24 - Masada & Lachish

Ascend by cable car to Masada, Herod’s legendary mountaintop fortress, which became the last desperate stronghold of the Jewish Zealots against the Romans. You can still look down on the remains of the Roman camps and the siege ramp below. Continue to Lachish, a city that dates back over 2000 years before Christ. Captured by both Joshua and fortified by Rehoboam, it was one of the principal cities of Judah. One of its conquerors, Sennacherib, destroyed Lachish (II Kings 18:13-17) and memorialized the victory in reliefs on the walls of his palace in Ninevah.

Day 10 June 25 - Jerusalem

Explore ancient Jerusalem at the Teaching Steps and the Western Wall. View the Pool of Bethesda, where Jesus performed the Sabbath miracle (John 5:1- 18). Sing a hymn in the Church of St. Anne and experience its rich acoustics. Visit Herod’s Antonia Fortress, where Jesus appeared before Pontius Pilate (Luke 23:1), and follow in Christ’s steps on the Via Dolorosa (“the Way of the Cross”). At the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, take time to reflect on His sacrificial love. Visit the Garden Tomb for a time of reflection and communion.

Day 11 June 26 - Return to the USA

Return to the USA

Enhance Your Journey

JORDAN extension Starting from $548

June 26 - 27, 2024 • $548*
A minimum number of participants must be reached to operate extensions. Contact us for specifics. 

June 26 – Mount Nebo & Zarqua
This morning, you will journey across the Allenby Bridge on your way to Mount Nebo, where Moses caught a glimpse of the Promised Land (Deut. 34). On a clear day, you can see all the way across the Jordan Valley and the Dead Sea to the rooftops of Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Continue to see the Jabbok River before continuing to your hotel.

June 27 – Return to the USA from Amman

Guests taking an extension may be on a different flight than their group and/or traveling companion.
A minimum number of participants must be reached to operate extensions. Contact us for specifics.

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