Dr. Robert Duke

 Dr. Duke has studied, excavated, and guided in Israel since 1996.  From Jerusalem University College to Hebrew University to the Albright Institute for Archaeological Research, his diverse educational and research experiences in the land will be evident on this trip.  He has excavated at several sites in the land, including Qumran, El-Araj, and Tel Shimron.  His love of the Dead Sea Scrolls culminated in his PhD from UCLA, which focused on the Aramaic texts found in the caves.  He desires participants to explore the land, not just visit, which will lead to a deeper reading of the Bible. 


Passages of the Bible on Eclipse with Bobby Duke | Oct. 9, 2025

Join us for 10 Nights on Passages of the Bible aboard Celebrity Eclipse with Guest Speaker Bobby Duke starting at $5799 on October 9, 2025. You will see Athens, Jerusalem, the Mount of Olives, the... View Tour