Dr. Stan Copeland

Dr. Stan Copeland is Senior Pastor for Lover’s Lane United Methodist Church, Dallas, TX, where he has served since 1998. Stan has also served churches in Houston and East Texas and has become well known as a storytelling preacher, a visionary leader, and a multiple-award-winning cook and canner. He is an author of five books, including two pickling and canning cookbooks. His upcoming book, “Feeling the Heat in an Alaskan Kitchen, Recipes, and Stories About Caring for the Beautiful Earth,” is set in Alaska. It will feature the art of pressure canning meats and vegetables, but as with all of his cookbooks, it’s the stories that inspire. Stan will be joined on the cruise by his wife of more than four decades, Tammy. Tammy is a retired educator and school administrator who is quick to say, “It’s my second job to keep Stan well-grounded and about the work of the Lord on this planet.  My first job is being “Sugar” to two wonderful granddaughters.”

We do not currently have any tours for Dr. Stan Copeland.