EO is pleased to partner with clergy, leaders, parishes, schools, and ministries of the Episcopal Church to provide a wide range of Christian travel opportunities. Whether it is pilgrimages to the Holy Land and other Bible lands, Canterbury Cathedral and the UK, Bible Land cruises, or sites in Europe, EO can provide high quality, life-changing experiences that will be a great value. Choose from our hundreds of scheduled tours or customize a travel experience for the needs of your group. We can also help your mission trip groups travel at discount. EO has been dedicated to changing the church, ministry, and individual lives through Christian travel for over 43 years and looks forward to serving you.

Special and Unique Journeys

2023 Journeys

Customized Journeys

EO will be happy to customize a journey for your group. You can make changes to one of our itineraries or design one from scratch. Our Custom Tour department will plan and implement all the details like planning the trip, purchasing all tickets/passes, providing guides, reserving hotels and buses, and all the other details. We even provide you with a brochure to help you recruit and EO handles all the registrations and finances. Contact our Episcopal DTM when you are ready to start planning your next travel experience.

Host a group and earn free travel!

Contact the Episcopal Director of Travel Ministry to find out about the benefits of being a host/group leader for a tour. With as few as 5 full-paying guests, a host may have their basic tour cost for free.

Contact our Episcopal Director of Travel Ministry for more information
about EO Tours, mission trips and other travel opportunities.

The Rev. Donald Fishburne, D.Min.
Email: Donald@DonaldFishburne.net
Phone: (843) 485-5858