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The Holy Land is a mosaic of faith groups, cultures, history and natural wonders. Experience many of the tiles of this mosaic as you visit places and people from the West Bank to the Galilee, the Mediterranean Sea to the Sea of Galilee, and Masada to Jerusalem. Use this mosaic to inspire and inform your faith, life, and relationships.

What’s Included

  • Breakfast Daily and Select Dinners
  • Overseas Transfers & Private Transportation
  • Entrance and Program Fees
  • First Class Hotels
  • Guided Tours
  • Tips for Hotel Staff & Hotel Porters
  • Live Audio Headsets (Groups of 8 or more)

The Itinerary

Day 1 – Depart The USA

Depart the USA on your international flight. (Note: Those making their own arrangements will start with EOX on Day 2.)

Day 2 – Arrive in the Holy Land

After arriving in the Holy Land, make your way to your hotel in Bethlehem.* (D)

*(Transfer included if air purchased through EOX or if you provide EOX with your flight information at least one month prior to your departure.)

Day 3 – The Herodion National Park, Bedouin Camp, Bethlehem ​ 

Start your journey with one of these truly unique experiences that can only be found in the Holy Land.

The Herodion, Herod the Great’s palace-fortress, is a vast complex of secret tunnels, theatres, bathhouses, cisterns, and more. Traverse this giant mountain hideaway while learning about Herod’s political and military history, his relationship to Israel and Rome, and the significance this excavation brings to the Middle East.

Or opt to visit a local Bedouin camp. Learn about the nomadic tribes that settled the region and be treated to their rich hospitality and delicious meals. As you relax in the wilderness, the life of Abraham and Moses may come to mind. What a truly remarkable chance you’ll have to contemplate their faith in God. The nation of Israel and the global church have been shaped by the footsteps trodden in this very area.

In Bethlehem, explore not only the birthplace of Israel’s first great king, King David, but of Jesus Christ the Messiah. Gaze out over Shepherds’ Field, where the angels heralded the true King’s arrival to lowly shepherds. Visit the cave revered as Jesus’ birthplace, where you can visualize Mary laying her babe in a manger. Explore the Church of the Nativity, built atop this cave, which is considered the world’s oldest functioning church and is steeped in Church history. Enjoy exploring the many amazing food possibilities throughout your time in the Jordan Valley. (B, D)

Day 4 – Walled Off Hotel and Refugee Camp 

The Walled Off Hotel’s Gallery and Museum will immerse you in the story of the separation wall. Through state-of-the-art presentations and gripping artwork, you’ll learn the personal stories of those living around the wall. You can also wander through works by the world-renowned graffiti artist Banksy and other pieces by notable Palestinian artists, including Suliman Mansour and Nail Anani.

Engage with the pain and hardship of displacement at the Palestinian Refugee Camp in the West Bank. After the 1948 war and the conflict in 1967, millions of Jews and Arabs were separated from their homes, lost their land and socioeconomic status, and have been relegated to these refugee camps. Learn about the aid efforts of local ministries and worldwide organizations while viewing firsthand the dire living conditions. (B, D)

Day 5 – Caesarea, Mt. Carmel, Megiddo, and Nazareth

Along the Mediterranean coast in Caesarea, explore where the apostle Paul was imprisoned for over two years, walk through the theatre, Herod’s fortress, and a Roman aqueduct. Imagine what it was like to be an early Christian during the turbulent first years of the church. Next, recall the LORD’s power at Mt. Carmel, where He won a dramatic victory over the prophets of Baal when Elijah called down fire from heaven. In Nazareth, walk the paths of our Savior’s childhood, where Jesus played, grew up, and worked. Then, follow an ancient caravan route through the Jezreel Valley. Explore Tel Megiddo, an exciting archaeological dig with layers of twenty different cities built one on top of another. Talk to your guide about your choice of delicious authentic dining options today and throughout your journey. (B, D)

Day 6 – Sea of Galilee Sites​

In the Galilee, Biblical encounters truly abound. You will have several chances to engage not only with your faith heritage but with the current culture. Majestic Mount Arbel overlooks the Sea of Galilee and is an ideal hiking opportunity. Choose to sail across the Sea of Galilee while experiencing a unique onboard worship service. Learn about the Valley of the Doves, the path Jesus and his disciples would often travel. Venture to Magdala, where new excavations have brought forth exciting discoveries. At Capernaum, the center of Jesus’ ministry in the Galilee, you can visit the synagogue built on the site where Jesus taught. The Mount of Beatitudes and the Church of the Loaves and the Fish are powerful locations in which to contemplate the miracles and teachings of Jesus. Enjoy taking your time in these important locations and truly letting their meaning permeate your heart. (B, D)

Day 7 – Beit Shean, Qumran, Dead Sea, Masada​ 

Travel to Beit Shean, which has been continuously inhabited for over 5,000 years and is where the Philistines hung the bodies of Saul and his sons on the city walls. Recently discovered ruins date back to the Greco-Roman city that was part of the Decapolis of Jesus’ day. See colonnaded streets with marble sidewalks, Roman public baths, and a theater. In Qumran, see firsthand where a Bedouin shepherd unearthed the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947. Enjoy a visit to Masada, the spectacular mountaintop fortress built by Herod that later became the final tragic stronghold of the Jewish rebellion against the Romans. Ride the cable car to the top to explore the fortress and look down upon the remains of the Roman camps and siege ramp below. On the way to Jerusalem, opt for a stop at the Dead Sea, the lowest spot on earth, where you can take a quick dip in the famous, therapeutic, mineral-laden waters. (B)

Day 8 – Jerusalem​

With two days in Jerusalem, create an experience filled with exciting highlights and exclusive memories. This city is teeming with possibilities!

Deepen your understanding of the people and history of Israel. Perhaps pay your respects at Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Memorial. Walk through name after name and photo after photo of those lost to hatred. The Israel Museum offers hours of archaeological contributions, art galleries, and remarkable history, such as the Model of Jerusalem at the time of the Second Temple and the Shrine of the Book - home to many of the Dead Sea Scrolls. For a modern vibe of Israel, wander no farther than the Mahane Yehuda Market, where cultural fusion and new ventures continue to thrive in the Israel of today. (B)

Day 9 – Jerusalem​

At the Western Wall, submit your prayers to heaven as so many before you have and sit on the Teaching Steps where Jesus taught. Trace the footsteps of Christ during His last hours before the crucifixion. Stand on the Mount of Olives for a remarkable view of Jerusalem, “the Golden City.” Recall the events of the Last Supper as you visit the traditional location of the Upper Room. Visit the home of the High Priest Caiaphas and stand upon the ground where Jesus stood when He was tried by His own people. Walk the Via Dolorosa, “the Way of the Cross,” to the traditional sites of the crucifixion and burial of Jesus. Experience the reality of the Resurrection when you visit the Garden Tomb. (B, D)

Day 10 – Return Home

Return home with life-changing memories.*

*(Transfer to airport included if air purchased through EOX or if you provide EOX with your flight information at least one month prior to your departure. Those not providing this information may have to make their own transfer arrangements to return to the airport.)

B=Breakfast Included
D=Dinner Included

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