“In the heart of London is Charterhouse School, where John Wesley received his formal education starting at age ten. Many prominent individuals were educated at Charterhouse, including Addison, Steele, Blackstone, Isaac Barrow, and Roger Williams. At his father’s suggestion, John ran around the Charterhouse garden three times every morning, which gave him health and vigor to live a long and productive life.

In St. Paul’s Cathedral, Wesley listened to the choir sing, “Out of the Deep Have I Called Unto Thee, O Lord,” The same evening, May 24, 1738, he went to a society in Aldersgate Street, where he felt his heart “strangely warmed.”

City Road Chapel. John Wesley resolved to move the headquarters of Methodism from the dilapidated Foundry to a new building on City Road, London. It was resolved “to build an elegant church such as even the Lord Mayor might attend without any diminishing of his official dignity; that it should be wholly supplied by ordained clergy of the Established Church, except on weekdays, and that the liturgy should be read at Sunday morning and evening services.” It was also resolved to provide a separate residence for John Wesley, who had lived many years in an[…]”

Excerpt From: Educational Opportunities. “Wesley Heritage Study Guide.” Educational Opportunities, 2013. iBooks.