“Bath was a resort town for English high society in the 1700s. Many people believed that its warm springs and mineral waters had health-giving properties. Its sheltered position surrounded by hills gave it a mild and enjoyable climate. Wesley preached here on many occasions. The following story illustrates something of the courage and confidence of John Wesley:

“There was great expectation at Bath of what a noted man was to do to me there; and I was much entreated not to preach; because no one knew what might happen. By this report I also gained a much larger audience, among whom were many of the rich and great. I told them plainly, the Scripture had concluded them all under sin—high and low, rich and poor, one with another. Many of them seemed to be a little surprised, and were sinking apace into seriousness, when their champion appeared, and coming close to me, asked by what authority I did these things. I replied, ‘by the authority of Jesus Christ, conveyed to me by the (now) Archbishop of Canterbury, when he laid hands upon me, and said, ‘Take thou authority to preach the Gospel.’ He said, ‘This is contrary[…]”

Excerpt From: Educational Opportunities. “Wesley Heritage Study Guide.” Educational Opportunities, 2013. iBooks.