Dr. Tom Smith

Rev. Dr. Thomas Smith is “Tom” to his friends, “honey” to wife Cathy, “dad” to his sons, and “Grumps”
to his four grandchildren. His journey from working with the Kentucky State Police to supervising a
factory that made explosives uniquely qualified him for serving 37 years as a pastor in churches of all
shapes and sizes, rural, county seat, urban and suburban. Tom is captivated by the beauty of nature. The
diversity of geography and how it intertwines with and affects history fascinates him. His book, Twilight
Springs, captures his vision of “the created seeing the Creator in creation.” His goal as a pastor, friend
and sojourner has been to help people glimpse the “Holy.” A few years ago, he “bought the farm”
literally, as he purchased a small farm in anticipation of retiring and spending time there. However, he
jumped at the chance to join Educational Opportunities as Executive Director of Travel Ministry in 2019
because he believes that travel changes people. He is aware of how impactful his travels have been on
him and loves to share that with others. Each and every journey has given opportunity for “thin space”
encounters that have shaped and formed his life and ministry.

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