Virtual Adventures

Walk the Virtual Jesus Trail

Price: $19

We have an exciting opportunity for you, your walking group, or church group to grow spiritually and physically. Sign up for the Virtual Jesus Trail and have all your daily steps count towards the path Jesus took from Nazareth to Capernaum.

Devotions and videos Holy Land sites will be emailed to you as you progress along the 41.3 mile path. PLUS, you will receive an olive wood cross to commemorate your completion of theTrail. 

Our partners at My Virtual Mission give you the tools to track every mile no matter how you track your steps. With their mobile app, you can connect your iPhone, Android device, Fitbit, or virtually any device you use. You can enter your progress manually, too.

Walk at Your Pace

For some, 41.3 miles is a walk in the park. For others, it's daunting. No matter your pace, you'll have the time you need - up to one year. The choice is yours.

We All Need Encouragement

We'll all be walking the trail together and encouraging each along the way. Track your friends' progress. Track your progress. Track our staff's progress.

Receive a devotion or video for every 1.5 mile you complete. Our devotions are written by those who have walked the actual Jesus Trail and those who have experienced the Holy Land in person multiple times. Their experiences will keep you focused whether you're on mile 4 or mile 40.

Our videos will give you background into the Holy Land presented by an Old Testament Scholar, the Dean of the Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies, Dr. Lamonte Luker.

Price: $19

Walk the Virtual Jesus Trail