Bro. Carroll Robertson

I am so excited to be able once again to give you a personal invitation to join us on this spiritual journey of the 7 Churches of the Revelation & the Isle of Patmos. Part of the Cradle of Christianity was Asia Minor, where the life-changing message of Jesus spread in the first century. We will study together about some of the victories and struggles those early believers faced, and how we can apply them to our lives today. The geography of the book of the Revelation will jump off the pages of scripture into our minds and hearts. Just to be able to stand in the very same cave where the aged Apostle John received the Revelation of the Glorified Christ, is beyond words to describe. I pray you can join us and by the end of our journey we will all be able to say, “Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.”

In Christ, 

Bro. Carroll 

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