Kirsi Stjerna & Brooks Schramm

Kirsi Stjerna & Brooks Schramm are married with four adult children and one granddaughter. Together they have taught, researched, and published on Luther-related topics, and led travel seminars. They both love the German history, culture and language, and have a passion for teaching Christianity from different angles and with new partners.

Kirsi Stjerna (PhD, Boston University), a native Finn, is a Professor of Lutheran History and Theology at the Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary. She was ordained in the Lutheran Church in Finland and is rostered in the ELCA. Her publications include Women and the Reformation, The Annotated Luther, and Martin Luther, the Bible, and the Jewish People, with Brooks Schramm.

Brooks Schramm (PhD, University of Chicago), a native of Texas, is the Pastor of Christ Lutheran Church in Goleta, CA since 2019. Previously he taught the Bible and Hebrew language at the United Lutheran Seminary for two decades. His publications and research interests have focused on Luther’s biblical interpretation, particularly the Old Testament. He is actively involved in inter-faith work.